Beautiful Modern Chandeliers - Part 4

Bathroom Wall Sconces

Bathroom Wall Sconces with Candles
Rustic Bathroom Wall sconcesBeautiful Wall Sconces For Bathrooms With Black Lamp ShadeClassic Bathroom Wall SconcesModern Bathroom Wall sconces

One of the fundamental criterion of the bathroom lighting is  safety of fixtures and of course, they include bathroom wall sconces too. This is such an important thing due to “connection” of electrical wires, which are with high humidity and can only be connected by complying with certain safety requirements. The protection degree from moisture of  bathroom wall sconces  is marked with IP index – this code is mandatory to present on all high-quality models. […]

Hanging Pendant Lights

Colored Hanging Pendant Light
Coolest Hanging Pendant LightsModern Glass Hanging Pendant ights for RestaurantOutdoor hanging Pendant lights

Hanging pendant lights are somewhat different lighting fixtures, which uniqueness in design best emphasizes individuality of your home (and for this purpose also creates design of the house or apartment, does not it?). Best of all hanging pendant lights are suitable for large rooms with high ceilings due to the adjustable cord length and plafond of almost any size. Especially they look very nice with not only one lamp, but two and more. However, due […]

Wall Mounted Lights

Floral Wall Mounted Light
Floral Wall Mounted LightSquare Form Wall Mounted LightBall Form Wall Mounted LightPretty Wall Mounted Light

Properly selected wall mounted lights even if it is not cheap at first glance, always allows to minimize costs and forget about the solving lighting problems by replacing its elements with table lamps or floor lamps for many years. When we are engaged by adjustment our apartment, we should to consider the size of the house, its purpose and the ability to combine elements of lighting, whether chandeliers, lamps, recessed lamps, wall lamps, wall mounted […]

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Beautiful Bathroom Lighting Idea
Pretty Modern Bathroom Lighting IdeaSmall Rustic Bathroom Lighting IdeaRustic Bathroom Lighting IdeaTraditional Bathroom Lighting Idea

To feel comfortably in the bathroom, take positive energy and create a good mood, we have to follow Bathroom lighting Ideas from  specialists. Lighting must be maintained at 75 lux. This means that, for example, for tiny bathroom (2 sq. Meters) 60-75-watt light bulb is enough, for bathroom of 6 square meters it is required 150 watt power  light – and so on, according to increasing the area. The more light sources mounted in the […]

Modern Bathroom Lighting

Three Modern Bathroom Lighting
Modern Bathroom Pink LightingModern Bathroom Wall LightingModern Bathroom Lighting For Modern RoomPractical Modern Bathroom Lighting

When Modern Bathroom Lighting selection have to be extremely careful, because the mix of electricity in the bathroom and water requires compliance with safety regulations. We suggest you familiarize yourself with a few useful tips for lighting a bathroom. What number of fixtures is required? Number of Modern Bathroom Lighting is directly dependent on the bathroom area. If the room is very small and its area is about 5 m2, in such case it is […]