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Modern Crystal Chandeliers

Round Modern Crystal Chandelier

Not for everyone is known the history of this special type of glass. Once upon a time almost nothing about the crystal was known. It took hundreds of years before people learned to make crystal chandeliers and other objects.
The word derives from the Greek word “crystal”. This is a special kind of glass. Because of the presence of lead in crystal glass it beautifully reflects the light, which creates the effect of the precious metal.
Modern crystal chandeliers are considered unprecedented luxury and are much more expensive products from conventional mineral.

The history of this mineral started in France, for the first time it began by adding lead to ordinary glass. At the same time, archaeologists do not deny the fact that the production of a special type of glass could occur even in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Modern Champagne Clear Crystal Chandelier

The “chandelier”, by the way, also became the first word in the lexicon in France. The true meaning of the word – a hanging lamp that creates lighting without shadows. The material used in the production of modern crystal chandeliers, was discovered by the British master at the end of the XVII century.

Nowadays crystal is produced all over the world, but the clear leader in manufacture is considered in the Czech Republic. For sure, everyone is familiar with this mineral brand as «Swarovski».

Products made by Czech crystal are especially in demand, but even they can not be compared with the modern crystal chandeliers which are made in Italy. Among the largest providers of similar products on the European market can be noted China. Russia also organized mass production of modern crystal chandeliers and other items, which are dated back in the XVIII century. Until recently, the most prominent companies in this area were considered Dyatkovo crystal and Gus Crystal, but in 2012 production ceased under the second brand. Companies are located far from the capital, as in the early years there were forbidden to build glassworks near Moscow. However, this does not prevent the development of glass industry, including the production including modern crystal chandeliers.

Beautiful Modern Crystal Chandelier

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