Antique Style Chandeliers

Antique Crystal Chandeliers

Gold Antique Crystal Chandelier
Antique Crystal Chandelier With Big CrystalsAmazing Antique Crystal ChandelierAntique Crystal Chandelier With Iron ChainsColorful Antique Crystal Chandelier

Antique crystal chandeliers came into fashion for the first time in the XVII century. They get widespread in France while the reign of King Louis XIV. Every rich nobleman felt obliged to become the […]

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Antique Wrought Iron Chandelier with Candles
Brown Wrought Iron ChandelierVintage Wrought Iron ChandelierRetro Wrought Iron Chandelier Rustic StyleBirdcage Wrought Iron Chandeliers Retro Style

Interior design of course, is a very exciting process, and at the same time is quite laborious, because of there are a lot of various details and decorative elements. Sometimes it is very difficult […]

Antique Chandeliers

Antique Chandelier For Living Room
Crystal Antique Chandelier With CandlesVintage Antique ChandelierWhite Antique ChandelierAntique Chandelier with Plafonds

The word “chandelier” appeared in France in the 17-th century, which is French for “illuminate”. Initially, people called so crystal lamps hung from the ceiling, but later it is applied to all ceiling lighting […]

Rustic Chandeliers

Best Rustic Chandelier
5 Candle Rustic ChandelierAmazing Rustic Chandelier Modern StyleLarge Bottle Rustic Chandelier DIYWrought Iron Rustic Chandelier

Rustic chandeliers are available in various settings and you can imagine that type of chandeliers as piece of decor of your home. To illuminate your small and lovely rustic house in stylish way, the […]