Bathroom Wall Sconces

Bathroom Wall Sconces

Bathroom Wall Sconces with Candles

One of the fundamental criterion of the bathroom lighting is  safety of fixtures and of course, they include bathroom wall sconces too. This is such an important thing due to “connection” of electrical wires, which are with high humidity and can only be connected by complying with certain safety requirements.

The protection degree from moisture of  bathroom wall sconces  is marked with IP index – this code is mandatory to present on all high-quality models. The level of safety is reflected in figures of the index:

Classic Bathroom Wall Sconces

IP 44 – protection from splash;

IP 55 – protection from direct contact with water.

Naturally, the bathroom lighting should be convenient and also- in harmony with the overall style. We can  recommend you some types of bathroom wall sconces .They are:

Modern Bathroom Wall sconces

Classic – bathroom wall sconces, lamps ,chandeliers and fixtures. But enough frilly lighting elements are not always fitting for small-sized bathrooms, so they are sometimes replaced with “invisible” points.

Japanese style minimalism – the main request in this case is the maximum conditions for relaxation and tranquility, and so here bathroom wall sconces with simple geometric shapes are preferred  which have soft diffused light.

Modern style – bathroom wall sconces , made with transparent glass, with bright light.

Wall sconces -lights Art Nouveau

As designers say, the bathroom should be divided by three zones highlighted by the light:

  1. area;
  2. location for installation of bath or shower;
  3. mirror.

In order to emphasize the installation area for ​​the mirror, it is best to select a bathroom wall sconce with plafonds, which has a light scattering ability. The direction of the light from the lamp should be chosen so that it would not refer to face, to a mirror or vertically upwards, otherwise you will get altered uncomfortable reflection.


12 Photos of the Bathroom Wall Sconces

Crystal Bathroom Wall sconcesClassic Bathroom Wall SconcesFramed Bathroom Wall sconcesModern Bathroom Wall sconcesWall Bathroom Sconces with some PlafondsBathroom Wall Sconces with CandlesRustic Bathroom Wall sconcesClear Glass Globe Bathroom Wall SconcesTraditional Crystal Bathroom Wall sconcesBeautiful Wall Sconces For Bathrooms With Black Lamp ShadeVertically Placed Bathroom Wall SconcesAmazing Bathroom Wall Sconces

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