Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Lighting Idea

To feel comfortably in the bathroom, take positive energy and create a good mood, we have to follow Bathroom lighting Ideas from  specialists. Lighting must be maintained at 75 lux. This means that, for example, for tiny bathroom (2 sq. Meters) 60-75-watt light bulb is enough, for bathroom of 6 square meters it is required 150 watt power  light – and so on, according to increasing the area.

The more light sources mounted in the bathroom, the lower may be their power and hence dimensions.

Small Rustic Bathroom Lighting Idea

Fixtures for the bathroom can be embedded in the walls, and cabins, and framed mirrors, which is usually located above the sink. In accordance with designer’s Bathroom lighting Ideas, embedded small lamps can be installed not only in sets for the bathroom, but also in drawers, opening cupboards and open shelves. It is very convenient and helps you quickly find the necessary little things.

If there are several zones in the bathroom, you can achieve greater comfort using local sources of light . For example, the space near the mirror is better as a separate functional area. It is considered to be the most comfortable ambient light. It should be bright enough, but in any case not dazzle the eye.

Bathroom lighting Ideas are very much. In accordance with them, light bulbs can be of any type, depending on the design of the lamp – not just the usual (with filament), and halogen, and fluorescent. It is important to comply with only one condition: their spectrum should be close to the spectrum of natural light. A good option, for example, – halogen lamps, which give a bright white light. You can choose a traditional warm light bulbs pleasant yellow-orange hue. The main requirement – the light in the mirror zone must be such that the reflection was the natural colors and shades. For this reason it is preferred to use a lamp with colorless (matt) flasks and closed white lampshades.

Beautiful Modern Bathroom Lighting Idea

The most common lamps, illuminating the mirror is placed on the wall, vertically (on the sides of the mirror surface), or even on the mirror – on the perimeter. It is very important, by the way, so that the lamp is not reflected in the mirror – a reflection of the viewer creates significant discomfort and interfere with visibility.

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