Antique Crystal Chandeliers For Your Home

Antique Crystal Chandeliers

Floral Antique Crystal Chandelier

Antique crystal chandeliers came into fashion for the first time in the XVII century. They get widespread in France while the reign of King Louis XIV. Every rich nobleman felt obliged to become the owner of a luxury antique crystal chandelier, so today are quite common and widespread, antique crystal chandeliers are perfect for amazing the people by their luxury and exclusive admirable design.

Since the beginning of the XVIII century, a special style of the antique crystal chandeliers began to perform. It was exactly that time, when antique crystal chandeliers replaced lamps in the palaces and estates of rich Europeans. For production there were used expensive rhinestones,later they were replaced with artificial, approximate to the purity of natural materials. Thus, ancient chandeliers are often the true work of art. Using crystal is popular today too, it has a special ability to refract light.

Antique Crystal Chandelier With Iron Chains

Evaluation of antique crystal chandeliers is quite complex and demanded procedure, as the buyer should be sure that it really acquires a rarity. Antique chandeliers were able to receive special structural differences at the classical culture age during the late XIX century. Exactly at that time universal spread of electricity was begun, making it possible to reconstruct the places of location of candles.

The antique lamps have become an integral part of the chandelier design. Evaluation of old lamps as antique crystal chandeliers is a process that requires high professional knowledge and specific technical equipment. Nowadays, antique crystal antique crystal, related to this period are in the most demand.

Gold Antique Crystal Chandelier

15 Photos of the Antique Crystal Chandeliers

Very Beautiful Large Antique Crystal ChandelierFalling Drops Antique Crystal Chandelier With CandlesGolden White Antique Crystal ChandelierRound Antique Crystal Chandelier With Falling DropsAntique Crystal Chandelier With BallsColorful Antique Crystal ChandelierFloral Antique Crystal Chandelier With CandlesAmazing Antique Crystal ChandelierBig Antique Crystal Chandelier With CandlesAntique Crystal Chandelier With DragonsGold Antique Crystal ChandelierAntique Crystal Chandelier With Big CrystalsVintage Black Antique Crystal Chandelier With CandlesFloral Antique Crystal ChandelierAntique Crystal Chandelier With Iron Chains

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