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Antique Chandeliers

Amazing Antique Chandelier

The word “chandelier” appeared in France in the 17-th century, which is French for “illuminate”. Initially, people called so crystal lamps hung from the ceiling, but later it is applied to all ceiling lighting equipment. Appearance of glass made a revolution in the design of so called antique chandeliers, and became the main decoration. Thanks to the famous Venetian glassmakers of the island Murano in the world appeared extraordinary beautiful and elegance light fixtures. In the second half of the XIX century steel oil lamps were very popular, but they did not survive in the competition caused by the advent of electric lighting. The new light source has caused demand for the creation of more new types of luminaires. Production of the chandeliers started to use a variety of materials: glass, wood, metal, fabrics, plastic.

In a current time, there is an incredible array of lamps, different in style, purpose, materials production, but antique chandeliers do not lose their duende. Classical style can immerse you in an atmosphere of luxury royal palaces, modern surprise unusual futuristic shapes and colors, floristry your house will turn into a beautiful conservatory.

Vintage Antique Chandelier

Antique chandeliers and lamps are the jewelry in the of antiques collection. Wizard in creating true masterpieces, thinking through every detail! To this end there are used bronze, glass, crystal brass and also marble. Beautiful and elegant look decorative hand-painted, gold-plated elements and original figures. These antique chandeliers perfectly fit into any classic interior.

When we talk about the interior, and antique chandeliers there, and it comes with the Italian manufacturers, there is no doubt that these subjects at any time are luxury. The antique furniture, antique chandeliers and textiles – as a rule, they have their own high-quality and style.

Crystal Antique Chandelier With Candles

15 Photos of the Antique Chandeliers

Royal Antique ChandelierAntique Chandelier with PlafondsAntique Chandelier in Victorian StyleAmazing Antique ChandelierAntique Chandelier With Blue FlowersAntique ChandelierFloral Antique ChandelierCrystal Antique Chandelier With CandlesAntique Chandelier For Living RoomBlack Antique Chandelier with White CandlesWhite Antique ChandelierAntique Crystal ChandelierVintage Antique ChandelierElegant Antique ChandelierAntique Chandelier in Rustic Style

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