Everyone has been there—everything has been going wrong, and now something is wrong with your roof as well. Maybe a horrible storm came and now it’s leaking, maybe a tree fell on top of it, or maybe a small woodland creature burrowed into the paneling. Whatever your reason for needing a new roof, you want to be sure you hire a reliable roofing contractor. Here are a few tips for making sure your roofer is top notch.

Evaluate their credentials

The first and foremost item you want to look for is the company’s credentials. Figure out if they have a business license, and whether they are qualified and certified to do roofing work. Most quality roofing companies are required to provide customer testimonials and reviews.

Know the finances

It gets really sticky when dealing with money and what is worth your hard-earned cash. Find out if there is a charge for getting a quote, and do not sign a contract until you’ve had a chance to look over what their quote includes in their price. Avoid dealing with contractors who force you to pay the entire amount up front, but settle on about a third of the ending price—this will keep discrepancies from happening and ensure that the work you are having done is of good quality.

Natural disasters such as hailstorms and tornados are often unavoidable and hard to predict. Ask about the company’s warranty policy, and what it includes. Also, make sure you get multiple quotes.

Know what to look for

Be wary of companies that use door-to-door sales pitches, or anyone claiming to offer homeowners insurance compensation. Be educated about the recent storms in your area, all the way down to the way the storm was moving and the size of hail that was included. This will help you be more educated about the damage.

As you can see, hiring the best roofing company is the first step in making sure your house gets back into the perfect condition. Some homeowners would rather choose the easy way out, hiring the cheapest, least-professional company, but that is not the best idea. You may be saving money right now, but investing in a reliable company will ensure that you get a quality fix. If you’re in need of a roofing contractor, consider these tips before hiring.